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What is Bakugan? Bakugan is a marble morphing trading card game, but will you be desperate to get your hands on one of the battle brawler starter kits this year? Bakugan is based on the Japanese cartoon series, these magnetic marbles pop open into Bakugan Warrior Action Figures.

Looking for bakugan toys games guide? Below are the selection of the best information on online bakugan games on offer reviewed by experienced bakugan battle brawlers game users and ranked according to value for money. See top values below:

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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Product Review

I Bakugan.com, a surprise toy hit, based on the very sucessful animated cartoon that has taken UK and the rest of world by storm. Tell a friend or help a friend to get free Bakugan pictures.


Yes! its true! Bakugan have taken the world by storm, and the company behind the North American toy phenom Bakugan Battle Brawlers Toys are the Spin Master Limited, the manufacturer of Bakugan.

Many parents are wondering what on earth is a bakugan; as many kids and children are facinated about this Spinmaster new bakugan toy.

Spin Master Ltd, or better still, bakugen (or if you prefer bakiga or bakigan battle) introduces us to Daniel Kuso and his fellow Battle Brawlers as they use exceptional strategy and skill to unleash their Bakugan power to Save Planet Earth from destruction.

Bakugan Brawlers Battle Pack
Bakugan Brawlers Battle Pack
This is the largest collection of Bakugan cards available in one package.

Bakugan Booster 3-Pack: Black, Red, Blue
Bakugan Booster 3-Pack: Black, Red, Blue
  • 1 Black Booster Pack
  • 1 Red Booster Pack
  • 1 Blue Booster Pack

Bakugan Booster 3-Pack: Green, Grey, Brown
Bakugan Booster 3-Pack: Green, Grey, Brown
  • 1 Green Booster Pack
  • 1 Grey Booster Pack
  • 1 Brown Booster Pack

Bakugan Travelling Brawlers Battle Bundle
Bakugan Travelling Brawlers Battle Bundle
  • 1 Bakugan Brawlers Battle Pack
  • 1 Bakugan BakuMat Travel Arena

Bakugan Deka Hydranoid Black
Bakugan Deka Hydranoid Black
  • 1 Bakugan Deka
  • 1 Metal Gate Card

Bakugan Deka Tigrerra Black
Bakugan Deka Target/Tigrerra Black
  • 1 Bakugan Deka
  • 1 Metal Gate Card

Bakugan Deka Skyress Green
Bakugan Deka Skyress Green
  • 1 Bakugan Deka
  • 1 Metal Gate Card

Bakugan Deka Preyes Blue
Bakugan Deka Preyes Blue
  • 1 Bakugan Deka
  • 1 Metal Gate Card

Bakugan Special Attack Skyress
Bakugan Special Attack Skyress
Take your Battle Brawling to the next level with a Bakugan Special Attack action figure.

Bakugan Deka Skyress Blue
Bakugan Deka Skyress Blue
  • 1 Bakugan Deka
  • 1 Metal Gate Card

Bakugan Booster Pack Blue
Bakugan Booster Pack Blue
These small spheres magnetically morph into powerful Bakugan warriors and the miniature action figures transform back into marbles that you can play games with. The pack includes 36 to collect and trade. Strategically place your metal Gate Cards in the battle arena. Then master your precision shooting skills to roll your Bakugan into battle and win.
  • 1 Bakugan ball
  • 1 Metal Gate Card
  • 1 Ability Card
  • 36 Action Figure/marbles
  • Colors and/or Styles may vary

Spin Master Bakugan Deka Hydranoid Black
Spin Master Bakugan Deka Hydranoid Red
  • 1 Bakugan Deka
  • 1 Metal Gate Card

Bakugan Launcher
Bakugan Launcher
  • Bakugan Launcher straps to wrist.
  • Launches your Bakugan Brawlers into action with increased accuracy.

Spin Master Bakugan Deka Hydranoid Black
Spin Master Bakugan Deka Hydranoid Blue
  • 1 Bakugan Deka
  • 1 Metal Gate Card

Spin Master Bakugan Deka Tigrerra Green
Bakugan Deka Target/Tigrerra Green
  • 1 Bakugan Deka
  • 1 Metal Gate Card

Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Volume 2: Game On DVD
Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Volume 2: Game On DVD
DVD, Rating: TV-Y7-FV, Runtime: 89, Color, Warner Home Video.

Bakugan Travelling Battle Brawler Kit
Bakugan Battle Travelling Battle Brawler Kit
  • 1 Bakugan Launcher
  • Bakugan BakuMat Travel Arena

Spin Master Bakugan Deka Preyas RedSpin Master
Spin Master Bakugan Deka Preyas RedSpin Master
  • 1 Bakugan Deka
  • 1 Metal Gate Card

Bakugan Chapter 1: Battle Brawlers DVD
Bakugan Chapter 1: Battle Brawlers DVD (Full Frame)
DVD, Rating: Not Rated, Runtime: 111, Color, Warner Home Video.

Bakugan Hand Launcher
Bakugan Hand Launcher
You can use this Bakugan Hand Launcher to control your Bakugan with the technique of a true master brawler.

Bakugan Brawl Board Game
Bakugan Brawl Board Game
A must-have for true Bakugan fans lovers, this exciting board game is based on the Bakugan show. Bakugan Brawl Board Game is an entertaining, new way to experience the magic of Bakugan. It's Dan versus Masquerade in this strategic board game.

Bakugan Card Power Pack, 4 Pack Bundle
Bakugan Card Power Pack, 4 Pack Bundle
Enhance game play and overall strategy by introducing new Bakugan cards into your most intense battles.

Bakugan Bakutin Red (Brown, Grey, Green, Black)
Bakugan Bakutin Red (Brown, Grey, Green, Black)
  • Comes with 10 cards
  • Includes 2 exclusive Bakugan

Bakugan Bakurack Collector Case
Bakugan Bakurack Collector Case
Comes with 5 BakuClips that can easily be clipped to your belt.

Bakugan Battle Arena
Bakugan Battle Arena
A call to brawl and decide the fate of the galaxy in the Bakugan Battle Arena! This official battle arena is the playing field for the magnetic Bakugan brawlers as they roll onto the real metal Gate Cards.

Use strategy to place your metal Gate Cards effectively as each card affects the battle differently. Then master your precision shooting skills to roll your Bakugan into battle and win!

The arena is for 2-4 players, and recommend for ages 3 and up. Please note:
  • Item is the Battle Arena only
  • For up to four players
  • Bakugan Brawler Figures and Cards sold separately.

Bakugan Blue Carry Case With Limulus/Ravenoid Action Figure
Bakugan Blue Carry Case With Limulus/Ravenoid Action Figure
Carry all your Bakugan and accessories into battle with this lightweight carry case.

Bakugan Deluxe Gorem 9" Figure
Bakugan Deluxe Gorem 9" Figure
Bakugan Deluxe Gorem 9" Action Figure to your Bakugan collection. Gorem is from "Subterra", a place of earth. Gorem has an armored body, and is very heavy. Ages 5 and up. Collect them all!

Bakugan Trading Card Game

Bakugan (or ibakugan) toys is a morphing marble trading card game. In Bakugan gate card between the bakugan home page dimension and ours, which allows bakugan to regain their original bakugan warrior mables form and engage in combat with each other.

Each bakugan warrior toys gets assigned to a planet based on it's power source, home world and warrior class.

Bakugan Classes

  • Aquos Bakugan are cool masters of the watery enviroments
  • Darkus Bakugan are adept at night fighting and cause destruction.
  • Haos Bakugan manipulate light and energy to increase their power.
  • Pyrus Bakugan have an intensity to them like a raging firestorm
  • Sub Terra Bakugan are specialists in surface and subsurface enviroments.
  • The Dragonoid class was designed to seek and destroy
  • The Falconeer class tagets it's pray from high above.
  • The Fear ripper class is swift and deadly with it's giant blades.
  • The Juggernoid class are heavily armored walking fortresses
  • The Reaper class avenges with powerful fury
  • The Robotallion class serves and protects its allies.
  • The Saurus class are tough and hardcore brawlers.
  • The Serpenoid Class squeezes the life out of it's enermy.
  • Ventus Bakugan are fast and powerful like hurricane winds.
Characters of Bakugan Toys
Bakugan Character Names List Profiles

  • Alice Gehabich - Alice is a 14 year old girl from Moscow who did not play Bakugan until her identity of Masquerade had disappeared from her body. Upon her departure, Masquerade left her the Darkus-attribute Hydranoid. Michael Gehabich is her grandfather, but after learning that her grandfather became Hal-G and works with the Naga, Alice constantly worried about him. She usually just gives advice to the brawlers, instead of battling.

  • Dan Kuso - Dan Kuso is a 12 year old boy, who is the Bakugan master. He loves to play it. Dan is in a group called the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Dan and Shun are the creators of the Bakugan game. His Guardian Bakugan is the Pyrus-attribute Dragonoid, nicknamed Drago. Dan is crazy about Runo, but will never admit it.

  • Hal-G - Hal-G is the loyal servant of Naga. He used to be a famous scientist named Michael Gehabich, who mysteriously disappeared. He once studied Vestroia until an accident happened, and negative energy filled into his lab, causing him to turn into Hal-G.

  • Joe Brown - Joe is a 12 year old boy better known as "Webmaster Joe" who created the Bakugan website. The Brawlers first thought that Joe was working with Masquerade, but it turns out that Joe sent a message to all of the Bakugan Brawlers in the chat room about Masquerade and becomes one of the Brawlers.

  • Julie Makimoto - Julie lives near Bakugan Valley. Julie is a 12 years old and is in love with Billy; since Dan and Runo became boyfriend and girlfriend of the Battle Brawlers, and tries to stay happy even when the worst has happened. For example, when Billy ended up under the control of Masquerade, her acting happy after something terrible happened is generally just to cover up her real feelings.

  • Marucho Marokuro - Marucho is a wealthy 11 year old, blond haired boy with glasses. He is caring, strong at heart, polite and generous. He used to be very obedient to his parents out of fear, but that changed when he met the Brawlers. He now has no regrets for the past, realizing that he only wanted to make his parents happy. His Guardian Bakugan are the Aquos-attribute Preyas and the Haos Angelo/Pyrus Diablo Preyas.

  • Masquerade - Masquerade used to be the number one ranked Bakugan player in the world, before he left Alice's body. His goal is to send all Bakugan to the Doom Dimension, the most feared place by all Bakugan with his Doom Card, so he may evolve his Hydranoid and have the Ultimate Bakugan.

  • Runo Misaki - Runo is a tomboy who loves playing Bakugan. Just like Dan, Runo has a short temper and gets angry when she loses a battle. Runo has a crush on Dan but she wouldn't admit it and is jealous of Julie taking Dan's attention. In battle, Runo uses light attributes. Her Guardian Bakugan is the Haos-attribute Tigrerra, who is very obedient to her master and powerful in battle.

  • Shun Kazami - Shun is a strong, silent, cool type 12 year old. He is the former 1st ranked Bakugan player. He is a master of Bakugan, and also is Dan's childhood friend. Shun is a loner, a boy of very few words, yet is willing to help his friends at every turn. He approaches the game like a Ninja. Shun's Guardian Bakugan is the Ventus-attribute Skyress whom Shun received from his comatose mother.
Bakugan Accessories!

  • Bakugan Deka - Collect all 6 super sized, collectable Bakugan Brawlers that transform just like the standard Bakugan! Each pack contains one Bakugan Deka and 1 Gate Card.

  • Bakugan BakuClip - Safely store your Bakugan and be battle-ready in seconds with the new Bakugan BakuClip! Snap your Bakugan in and out of the clip with ease!

  • BakuRack - Let the battle begin with the BakuRack collector’s case! Display and transport your Bakugan Arsenal in style! This spinning rack will hold up to five BakuClips and 15 Bakugans for storage and quick deployment when battle begins.

  • 2" Collectible Figures - Display your favourite powerful characters with the 2" Collectible figures! These figurines are dynamic sculpts of your favourite Bakugan characters.

  • Deluxe Monsters - The Battle Brawling action busts right out of the screen and into your hands with Bakugan Deluxe Monsters! Behold these large size 7.6" action figures in all their power and glory!

  • Duo Dioramas - These miniature Bakugan Figures reflect each monster in their battle form- collect them all in their full battling fury for maximum Bakugan battle action!

The Bakugan starter pack is a set of toys based on a Japanese animated series of the same name. It's a card game of strategy played with magnetic, spring-loaded marbles.

Where to Buy Bakugan Toys?
Bakugan in Stock?

You can buy Bakugan toys from a number of places. Such as
Bakugan Cartoon Network Plus Free Online Videos from the TV Show,
Bakugan at Walmart,
Bakugan at Target,
Bakugan Australia,
Mail Order Express,
The Toy Shop,
Bakugan eBay,
Bakugan at Toys r Us
and many other online retailers websites. Just click on the link button below for the best local area suitability and find out who has stock and who is the cheapest!

"Bakugan Toy Advantages and DisAdvantages!"

Pros of Bakugan Toy and Individual Reviews
  • It's fun and keeps children occupied for a while.
  • Good value for money - seems to be the latest craze at school - good fun!
  • Keeps your son entertained - easy to use, simple to understand.
  • Bought this toy for my 10 year old son who really enjoys playing with it. Would reccommend to same age group.
  • Fantastic toy for children - 6 bakugan balls in a packet and it gave my son hours of fun! You throw the ball and it opens up into an action figure.
  • A present for my son who is 12 years old he loves these but I don't think they are worth the money but overall it keeps him quiet.
  • Once you know how to play, it turned out to be a points based game with a small amount of stratergy. Not gripping enough for todays 9 year olds but great for younger children playing with their love ones and friends.
  • Our twins loved these, good value for money and spot on description. Kids play for hours with this bakugan product and battle arena. I'm glad I purchased this item - money well spent!

Cons of Bakugan Toy and Individual Reviews
  • Expensive for what it is. Lots of packaging.
  • It is small and has sharp pieces.
  • Bit pricey for the amount of toy supplied but that the Spin Master Ltd for you.
  • For younger children, the rules are difficult to understand - had to find their web page and watch a trial game.
  • After 2 minutes my son put them down saying... "they're boring" not worth the money.
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