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Bakugan Toys Site

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When powerful cards from another World fell from the sky. Dan and his friends used them to create a battle game. But they soon realized that it's more than just a game, it's a struggle to save the Universe and planet earth. Get ready to "Build your Bykugan/Bakugan Army!"

    • Starter Pack
    • Booster Pack
    • Battle Pack
    • Special Attack
    • Deka
    • 5PC Card Booster
    • Launcher
    • Battle Arena
    • Baku Bowl
    • Baku Rack
    • Baku Tin
    • Duo Diorama
    • Baku Clip
    • Board Game
    • Card Game
    • Carry Case
    • Download the 2008 Bakugan Poster and see the entire collection!

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