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Bakugan Faq - Frequently Asked Questions

Bakugan The Game

When Bakugan ball didn't open up on the card. It still count as standing. This is a reversal from an earlier ruling for those who keep track of such things.

The reversal was required due to a couple of Bakugan that take up a lot of space on cards, sometimes stopping any other Bakugan from opening up on the same card. Any time a ball stops moving and is on a Gate card, it counts as standing/open.

The Best/Most Powerful/Coolest Awesome Bakugan is the one that wins the battle! Every Bakugan is good at different times if you use it well.

The highest G-Power Bakugan is generally considered the "best" but there are lots of times when smaller is better. Even the lowest G-Power Bakugan can win on Duck and Win.

You can play with both Series 1 and Series 2 cards as long as you and your opponent both agree, feel free to use both cards.

A few of the Series 1 Gate cards will be over-powered if you play this way, but they will still work. If you decide to go this route, try to ignore HSP and stick with the Series 2 victory condition of winning three Gate cards.

Over time, you'll likely stop using Series 1 cards as the game moves forward and more brawlers play with Series 2 rules. Series 1 Bakugan will work well in either set of rules.

Bakugan Attributes

You can use the attribute switching Preyas as normal. Each time it opens up, it will change to a new attribute.

The player doesn't get to change it by hand during the game by spinning it - it will change all by itself. Whatever attribute symbol is shown when it opens is the one it is for that battle.

You can safely ignore the highlight around one of the attribute bonuses on the Gate card for now... That is called the "highlighted bonus" and there will be cards that come out in the future (as well as Bakugan) that will use that number.

When playing a collectable game like Bakugan, things will get updated from time to time, and some things that might not currently make sense will get updated to keep the game fresh and exciting!

Rolling Bakugan is not hard. However, there is one really good trick to getting Bakugan to open up on cards - when you roll the Bakugan "spin" it like a top with the magnet side down while flicking it towards the Gate cards.

This small trick greatly helps in getting Bakugan to open up on cards as the magnet will almost always make contact with the metal in any card it touches!

Advanced players can use this trick to curve a Bakugan so that it hits the Gate card that is furthest away as well. But the only way to get really good at getting your Bakugan to open up is to practice.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase Bakugan products through www.Bakugan.com. Yes! We know it can be very frustrating when you can't find Bakugan on the shelf at the store, but you can try the links on the homepage of this site.

First Player to Win 3 Battles Win

If you win a battle, you definitely CANNOT get to keep your opponent's Bakugan card. The gate cards are used to keep track of who is winning (first player to win 3 battles wins the game), but after the game, all game pieces are given back to their owners.

If you bought booster packs, Click Here to Learn How to Play the Game.

You play with 2 Bakugan that are the same. However, You'll still need to have 3 to play the game. It is okay if 2 of them are the same or if your opponent has one just like yours.

In the event of a tie, the battle is won by the first Bakugan that stood on the Gate card.

When you play an ability card that gives a G-Power bonus. Note that your opponent does NOT get the bonus. The card should be clear as to how the gameplay will work. For instance, it may say "Your Bakugan gains G-Power based on its Attribute". This only affects your Bakugan.

You can only use ONCE an Ability card in a game. Then they go to your "Used Pile". There are some clever ways to get a card back from your used pile to use again, but generally, just one use of an ability card per game is allowed.

You Can Not play with all of your Ability and Gate cards. The current rules are that you play with 3 gate and 3 ability cards. This makes choosing what to play with an important part of your strategy. However, if you and your opponent agree, you can play however you want.

When you play the Doom card, you do not get to keep your opponent's Bakugan for good. The Doom card just takes your opponent's Bakugan out of the game, not into your pocket!



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