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Bakugan Rules How To Play Byakugan Games

This is a 2 player game. Each player has a team of 3 Bakugan and each is trying to be the first to capture 3 Gate cards.

Bakugan Setup

Each player needs 3 Bakugan, 3 Gate cards: one of each color, (The Gate cards are heavier than the others and make the Bakugan open.) and 3 Ability cards: one of each color.

Players should sit about 2-1/2 feet from each other. The play area should be a smooth, flat surface. The space between the two players is called the Field.

When ready, each player says, "Field - Open!"

Players should hold their unused cards in their hands (or leave them face down), so that their opponent cannot see the faceside. Their unused Bakugan should be closed (marble-like). Each player has a used pile on their left; this is where played Ability cards, Gate cards won, and used Bakugan go.

Bakugan Playing Rules

Each player places one of their Gate cards face down (i.e., Bakugan logo is face up) in front of their opponent, so that they barely touch each other at their top, while saying, "Gate Card - Set!"

Note: Setting Gate cards occurs at the start of any turn where there are no Gate cards in the field.

The youngest player goes first. Players then take turns. The player whose turn it is chooses a Bakugan and says, "Bakugan - Brawl!"

The player then rolls one of his unused Bakugan at the Gate cards in the field.

Bakugan Opening

If the Bakugan opens on a Gate card and thereís no other Bakugan on that Gate, it is now the other playerís turn. If the Bakugan opens on a Gate card and the other player has a Bakugan on that Gate card, Battle ensues ó see "Bakugan Battle!"

If the Bakugan opens on a Gate card and this player already has a Bakugan on this card, one of two things happen:
  • If thereís no other Gate card in play or this player already has a Bakugan on the other Gate card, this player wins that Gate card uncontested, placing it and his two Bakugan in his used pile. It then becomes the other playerís turn.

  • Otherwise this Bakugan is moved to the other Gate card. If that Gate card doesnít have an opponentís Bakugan, it is the other playerís turn. But if it does, Battle ensues ó see "Bakugan Battle!"

Bakugan Battle

Battle is one Bakugan vs. one Bakugan and happens whenever Bakugan from two different players end up on the same Gate card.

Detach the two Bakugan from the Gate card and read each Bakuganís G-Power.

Gate Reveal - Flip the Gate card over and do what it says.

Ability Cards - Play Ability cards (if desired) Ė first, by the player whose turn it is. Each Ability card says when it can be played. Tell your opponent that you are playing the card, do what the card says and then put the card in your Used pile.

Gate Card G-Power Boost - After both players are finished playing Ability cards, each Bakugan gets to add the Gate Card G-Power boost. Simply match the color of a Bakugan to the color symbol on the Gate card and add that number to the Bakuganís G-Power.

The battle is won by the Bakugan that now has the higher G-Power. The player who wins the battle puts the Gate card in their used pile.

In the event of a tie: Each player rolls an unused Bakugan. First Bakugan to stand on a Gate card wins.

The First Player to Get 3 Gate Cards in Their Used Pile WINS!

Bakugan FAQS

Q: What happens when it is my turn and I donít have any Bakugan in my unused pile?
A: Return all of your Bakugan from your used pile to your unused pile and roll one of them.

Q: What Attribute is a clear Bakugan?
A: Its Attribute is the same as their opponentís in this battle. If the opponent is also clear, both players choose which color their Bakugan is at the start of the battle before the card is flipped over.

Q: I have a card, which disagrees with these rules, what happens?
A: Cards always take precedence over the rules.

Q: How far do I have to be when I roll?
A: At least two card lengths away from the Gate cards.

Q: What happens if I roll a Bakugan and it only partially opens?
A: It counts as open.

Bakugan Speed Play And Battle

Dan and Runo each choose one of their Gate cards and put them face down in the arena closest to the other player with the cards touching at the tips. They say together, "Gate card - Set."

Dan is younger and so goes first. He says, "Bakugan - Brawl."

Dan rolls his Pyrus (red) Fear Ripper and it opens on Runoís Gate. Danís turn is over. Now itís Runoís turn.

Runo says, "Bakugan - Brawl", and then playís the Ability card, "Masqueradeís Throw". This Ability card instructs Dan to discard one of his Ability cards. (He does this.)

Runo then rolls her Ventus (green) Fear Ripper. It opens on Danís Gate card. Runoís turn is over.

Dan says, "Bakugan - Brawl." Dan rolls his Haos (grey) Serpenoid and it opens on Runoís Gate card. He already has a Bakugan there, so it gets moved to the other Gate card. Runo has a Bakugan there, so they battle!

Danís Haos (grey) Serpenoid has 550 G-Power. Runoís Ventus (green) Fear Ripper has 500 G-Power.

The Gate card is flipped over ó itís called "High Energy". Note now that Danís Bakugan will receive a 110 point Gate Card G-Power boost while Runoís gets 120.

Both players look at their Ability cards and neither player choose to play one, so the battle ends. Compute the final G-Powers by adding the Gate Card G-Power boost to the G Power on their Bakugan: Danís G-Power is 660 (550 + 110) and Runoís Fear Ripperís G-Power is 620 (500 + 120).

Since Danís Bakugan has a higher final G-Power, Dan wins! Dan takes the Gate card and puts it into his used pile. Then Runo and Dan each put their Bakugan in their used piles and Danís turn is over.

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