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Bakugan TV Episodes

Bakugan TV List of Cartoon Network Shows
Episode 1 The Battle Begin A boy named Dan Kuso finds and befriends a Bakugan Drago, who tells him of the dimension of Vestroia and his quest to stop the wicked and powerful Naga.

Episode 2 Masquerade Ball A mysterious player named Masquerade has bee stealing Bakugans from kids all around the world. When Dan Kuso hears about this, he decides to put an end to it and challenges Masquerade to a battle.

Episode 3 A Feud Between Friends Masquerade teams with a young player named Rikimaru by offering him a very special Bakugan. Across town, Dan begins training... but does Drago trust him enough to remain allies?

Episode 4 Dan and Drago A mysterious player named Dan Kuso is having a hard time without Drago around. Feeling frustrated, he takes his anger out on a school friend name Ryo. Taking advantage of the situation, Masquerade convinces Ryo to battle Dan.

Episode 5 Runo Rules Dan and Runo meet in person for the first time. When she finds out that Dan has been challenged to a duel with Masquerade, Runo goes to fight in his place.

Episode 6 A Combination Battle While at an amusement park, Dan and Runo are invited on stage to assist two brothers performing a magic act. It just so happens that the brothers are working with the mysterious Masquerade.

Episode 7 Bakugan Idol Marucho reveals that he has secretly moved into Dan's neighbourhood and throws a welcoming bash. Elsewhere, famous pop duo Jenny and Jewls are approached by Masquerade.

Episode 8 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Jenny and Jwels have been recruited by Masquerade. Now Dan and Marucho must battle the talented twosome and bring their party crashing to a stop.

Episode 9 Fight Or Flight When Runo and Marucho go to pick up their new friend Alice from the airport, Masquerade sends two strange boys to challenge them!

Episode 10 A Perfect Match Julie and her childhood friend Billy go toe-to-toe in a battle, and Julie is impressed by his Bakugan Cycloid. If only she could find her own talking Bakugan to team up with.

Episode 11 Grandpas' Got a Brand New Marucho and Runo realize that the cmbined strength of the Battle Brawlers doesn't match up to Masquerade's power. Without Dan's knowledge, they visit Shun to try and convice him to join the team.

Episode 12 Bakugan Stall Alice realizes that she may have a connection to the mysterious Hal-G, but can't get up the courage to tell the rest of the Brawlers. Meanwhile, Dan recalls the last battle that he had with Shun...

Episode 13 Just for the Shun of It Dan joins Runo and Marucho in another attempt to recruit Shun. When they arrive at Shun's home, Masquerade is already there! Get ready for a shocking battle between friends!

Episode 14 The Story Of Vestroia Lured by an invitation to celebrate their world class ranking, five of the top ten Bakugan players gather at a mysterious mansion. There, they meet Masquerade and the evil Bakugan Naga...

Episode 15 Duel in the Desert The Brawlers head off to Bakugan Valley looking for the infinity Core. During the search, they run into Julie's childhood friends Billy and Komba who challenge them to a high stake battle.

Episode 16 No Guts - No Glory While the Bakugan Battle Brawlers continue their search for the infinity Core, Shun becomes convinced that someone is spying on them. An investigation lures out Chan Lee, one of Masquerade's gang.

Episode 17 BFF - Best Friends Forevr While searching for information on the infinity Core, the Brawlers discover a lead which takes them to Germany. There, they meet the world's second-best Bakugan player, Klause Von Herzon.

Episode 18 Evolution Revolution Runo and Marucho discover a control room in Klause Von Herzon's castle with a display of Bakugan player rankings from around the world and are challenged by a Bakugan player named Julio.

Episode 19 Julie Plays Hard Brawin Julie finds herself in a brawl with her chilhood friend Bill in order to save him from Masquerade.

Episode 20 A Little Help from My Friends Dan and Shun have a falling out and Shun takes off on his own to seek out and destroy Masquerade. He goes head to head with Kombo, one of Masquerades recruits, in a wicked battle.

Episode 21 My Good Friend The Brawlers are ambushed by three of Masquerade's gang. A triple battle ensures and, to the shock of Marucho, his Bakugan Preyas is under the control of the bad guys!

Episode 22 Drago's on Fire Dan, Marucho and Runo enter into battle with Klaus, Chan and Julio, to try to find out where Masquerade is hiding.

Episode 23 Say it Ain't So, Joe! The Brawlers have reason to suspect that Joe the webmaster is spying on them. When Dan confronts him about his relationship with Masquerade, Joe says he'll talk if Dan battles him!

Episode 24 The Secret of Success! Alice befriends a young Bakugan player named Christopher who loves his Bakugan yet always loses in battle. She convinces him that battling is more than just skill and power, it's about confidence.

Episode 25 Trust Me Runo suspects Alice is secretly spying on the Brawlers and giving information to Masquerade. Can she prove her loyally, or is she really working for the enemy?

Episode 26 Doom Dimension or Bust! Masquerade turns on his own gang and battles them, sending all of their Bakugan to the Doom Dimension! He then vows to defeat all of the Battle Brawlers and send their Bakugan to the same fatel.

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